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SAT and ACT Testing Information

Test Prep Options
*Testing is available at other local high schools throughout the year. See the websites for the tests for other high school test site information and codes.*
**Please remember to enter the TJCA High School Code on all your registrations, no matter where you are testing! This will send TJCA a copy of your scores.**
***Juniors and Seniors – If you think you may qualify for an SAT or ACT test fee waiver based on family income, see Mrs. Humphries in the HS guidance office.***
****When you register, part of your registration fee covers sending your score reports to up to four (4) colleges. USE THEM AT REGISTRATION! If you wait until you see your scores, you will have to pay up to $15 per score report to send your scores later. SAT/ACT scores are not printed/included on your high school transcript!****