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Liberalitas Award

TJCA is committed to advancing academics, providing a positive culture, and wisely using and developing all our resources. We recognize that the academy is supported by volunteers acting in various roles in addition to the faculty, staff, and administration. The Liberalitas Award is hereby established to recognize extraordinary service to Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy by a volunteer. Liberalitas is a Latin word (one of the required languages we teach at TJCA, for its foundation of grammar) having to do with a disposition to be generous. A person with liberalitas gives freely, having understood the responsibility that comes with being a free person in a free society. One of our goals as a classical academy is to teach our students to be free people, not just people who have options, but people who are prepared to freely choose the good in every circumstance, having fostered a habit of virtue. The recipient of the Liberalitas Award is an example of this virtue through their choice to give their time, energy, and resources to this community. Each recipient will be announced at Graduation.

The inaugural award was presented at the 2023 Graduation Ceremony to Pam Jones.

For more information on the award, including eligibility requirements, please click here