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Burgundy & Gold Scholarship Fund

The Burgundy and Gold (B&G) Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy (TJCA) students who plan to further their education at the college level. Since its inception, the Burgundy and Gold scholarship recipients have advanced their education in medicine, public health, engineering, education, ministry, and fine arts.
Ryanne Corder was awarded one of the first scholarships from the Burgundy and Gold Scholarship fund in 2012. After graduating from Notre Dame in 2016, she is now finishing medical school at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she received a full-ride scholarship. Click here for a video testimonial from Ryanne! 
Will Waters, also a recipient, expressed his appreciation for his time at TJCA and the B&G Scholarship Fund. "It may be said a lot, but for good reason. TJCA prepares you for college in ways you could never imagine. Whether knowing how to write and properly format a paper, debate formally and logically, or give a speech in front of a large group of people, TJCA provided the experience necessary to help me in my first year at Gardner-Webb in an extraordinary way. The Burgundy and Gold Scholarship provided much-needed financial assistance, allowing me to strengthen the abilities I learned at TJCA and create a great future for myself," said Waters.

The B&G Scholarship Committee plans to continue providing substantial scholarships to college-bound students. Our success, growth, and longevity depend on the generosity of our donors. With your help, we will continue to offer scholarships for many years to come. Please consider giving a tax-deductible gift to the B&G Scholarship Fund.
You may send your donation to TJCA with the B&G Scholarship Fund in the memo or click this link to donate online: B&G Scholarship Fund online donation.

Amazon Smile is also a great way to donate to the B&G Scholarship Fund. By using this link, .5% of your purchases from Amazon will go directly to our TJCA scholarships. You can also visit smile.amazon.com and search for "Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy B&G Scholarships." Thank you for your support!
The B&G Scholarship Fund Facebook page can be found here.