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Graduation Requirements

In summary, minimum high school (Grades 9-12) graduation requirements include:
  • You must complete four (4) credits of English during high school.
  • You must complete two (2) credits of Latin, plus at least one (1) additional credit of a foreign language of your choice during high school, for a total of three (3) foreign language credits.
  • You must complete four (4) science credits during high school. You must take Biology, Physical Science or Chemistry, and Earth/Environmental Science (that category may be met with the 8th grade Earth Science course at TJCA, but you still must complete four science credits during 9th-12th grade high school years).
  • You must complete four (4) social studies/history courses during high school (World History, European History, American History, and Civics/Economics)
  • You must complete at least four (4) math credits in 9th-12th grades and complete the following courses: Math I, Math II, Math III, and Pre-Calculus or Math IV.
  • You must complete one (1) health/physical education credit in high school.
  • You must complete Art History (10th), Logic (11th), and Rhetoric (12th) in high school.
Minimum number of required credits for graduation: 23