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Meet Your School Nurse

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy aspires to promote the health and well-being of all students. The goal of each nurse is to build and maintain a healthy school community by implementing strategies that promote student, staff, family, and community health.


Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Board of Directors employs school nurses to provide students and staff with the knowledge and care to ensure that each individual stays healthy and safe each day. 

Please help the school nurse care for your child by informing the nurse at your school (office phone/school email) if your child has:

    • any chronic or acute illness
    • a new medication or change in medication dosage
    • been exposed to communicable diseases such as strep throat infection, chickenpox, or conjunctivitis
    • a life-threatening or new allergy
    • a serious injury requiring hospitalization
    • a diagnosed head concussion
    • an injury requiring casting, sutures, a splint, or mobility assistance of crutches or a wheelchair
    • vision or hearing difficulties

The school nurse will work with your child’s physician, teacher, and other school personnel to meet health needs in school so that the child may benefit from their education.  A child must provide a note from the doctor for activity restriction due to an injury or illness.

Please help the school nurse by:

Updating the phone numbers (home, work, and cell numbers) on your child’s school record so the school nurse can always reach you.

We Need Your Help!

Because there is great demand for the health room, there is a huge need for supplies. These items are always greatly appreciated. Please label donations “SCHOOL NURSE” and drop them off at the grammar or middle school front office.

Thank you! - Nurse Campos

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