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Return to School Safely Plan

Message from the Board of Directors - October 20th, 2020
"Good morning Gryphons! We are very grateful for the feedback and support of those who came out to the meeting last night. The Board of Directors was faced with the difficult challenge of making a decision for which there was no perfect answer. After reviewing the current statistics and hearing the recommendations of the school’s administration the Board made the informed decision to keep grades K-5 in the current model until a hopeful return in early January and grades 10-12 in the current model until the new building opens in January. A return on November 30th was discussed but due to the correlation between holidays and spikes in confirmed COVID-19 cases, the safer options were chosen. We will continue to monitor the situation, gather the advice of our government and health officials, and re-evaluate as necessary. Our goal remains to provide the best possible education for our students while prioritizing the safety of our entire community. As a family, we Gryphons are in this together, and together we will rise stronger from this experience! Stay #TJ_Strong!"


During these unprecedented times, it is important for us to share a significant amount of information. We recognize that this sharing may, at times, be overwhelming. Therefore, we have created this page to house the various booklets, FAQs, and memos that we have disseminated to address schooling at TJ during the time of COVID-19.


We hope that the information here will be of assistance to you, but if you have questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to call the school to ask your questions:

  • Grammar School: (828) 245-9526
  • Upper Campus: (828) 657-9998
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