Chloe Jones chosen for prestigious YLA


AVONDALE - Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy proudly announces that senior Chloe Jones has been selected to participate in the North Carolina Youth Legislative Assembly (YLA). This selection places Jones among a distinguished group of students from across the state recognized for their leadership potential, academic excellence, and keen interest in the legislative process.

The Youth Legislative Assembly, a program designed to simulate the state’s legislative process, provides high school students with a unique opportunity to engage directly in the legislative process. Jones will have a chance to participate in a mock legislative session where she will debate and vote on bills the leadership team has written. This initiative aims to educate young leaders on the workings of local, state, and national government and the intricacies of lawmaking in an effort to foster a new generation of informed citizens and potential policymakers.

“I am honored to be able to participate in this program,” said Jones. “Only 200 applicants are selected each year to do this, so it’s very exciting to be one of them. I have never done something like this, so I eagerly anticipate what’s in the future.” 

While the experience will be new for Jones, she did have the opportunity to serve as a House Page last May. 

“When I did the house page program in May of last year, the best part for me was meeting new people,” she said. “There are only about 15 people per group in that program, so I am excited to meet many new people at YLA.”

Jones's selection resulted from a competitive process that evaluated applicants based on their academic records, extracurricular involvement, and a demonstrated interest in civic affairs. Her teachers and peers at Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy have long recognized her as a standout student committed to excellence and positively impacting those around her.

The Youth Legislative Assembly offers sessions that mirror the real legislative process, including committee meetings and general sessions, where students will debate and vote on proposed legislation. It's an invaluable hands-on experience that helps participants develop critical thinking, public speaking, and negotiation skills while building an understanding of the responsibilities and challenges legislators face.

As Jones prepares for this exciting role, she remains focused on the broader implications of her participation. 

"I know a bit about the legislative process already from both my AP Government class and the house page experience, but this YLA program is hands-on, and I’m actually doing the legislating, so I am hoping to gain a new understanding of the process by doing it first-hand,” said Jones.

TJCA eagerly awaits the contributions Jones will make to the Youth Legislative Assembly and the subsequent impact she will have in her future endeavors. Her selection highlights her individual achievements and shines a light on the quality of education and student leadership development at TJCA.