TJCA holds High School Awards Ceremony



AVONDALE — Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy (TJCA) held its annual High School Awards Presentation on Tuesday morning for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Several students were recognized for their outstanding work in the classroom. In addition, Leon Pfeiffer, executive director of the North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities (NCASA), was in attendance to present TJCA with the Unity Cup. The Unity School Club is given to the independent or charter 6-12 school that earns the most points through participation and excellence in all competitions. One of those shining moments was when Jennie Conner, Maylan Maxwell, Katrina Shauf, and Vivien Tessneer won the state championship in the Quill writing contest.

Points towards the recognition were also earned by students who finished as first runners-up in the Science Olympiad, Quiz Bowl, and “The 12” general knowledge competitions. Members of the Academic Team who brought home first-place trophies in different competitions include Ava Bridges, Jennie Conner, Ash Daigle, Sydney Grace Evans, Emily Faulkner, Lyric Floyd, Emma Lineberger,  Maylan Maxwell, Dominic McCraw, Dominik Mystkowski, Andrew Oliphant, Aidan O’Reilly, Jack Parker, Anjali Patel, Siya Patel, Hunter Plaster, Katrina Shauf, and Sophia Sidhu.

The TJCA History Bowl team was also champions after winning 1st-place Small School in the Nation at the National History Bowl. Members of that team included Syndey Grace Evans, Dominik Mystkowski, Aidan O’Reilly, and Hunter Plaster.

Also deserving of recognition is TJCA’s, Kimberly Lloyd. Lloyd has many roles at TJCA. She is the Director of Student Advising and Enrichment, a World Languages instructor, and the coach of our champion High School Academic Team. At a ceremony recently held in Greensboro, Lloyd was named the 2022 NCASA Scholastic Director of the Year. Lloyd was also recognized at the awards ceremony. 

11th-Grade Award Winners

700 Club: Katherine Fletcher, Emily Gatlin, Jacob Gell, Jennie Conner, Amanda Griffith, David Griffith, Elizabeth Liljestrand, Lucy Logan, Maylan Maxwell, Selma McMurry, Andrew Oliphant, Owen Pierce, Charlotte Ramaley, Samantha Ross, Emmanuel Schlictmann, Katrina Shauf, Emily Short, Vivien Tesseneer, Veta Torres, Clay Walker, and Annmarie Willis.

NC Governor’s School: Maylan Maxwell and Samantha Ross.

Community Service Award: Ann Marie Willis

Giorgio Vasari Award: Selma McMurry

Mozart Award: Emma Lineberger

Polyhymnia Award: Jackson Smith

Theophrastus Award: Sammie Ross

Aristarchus Award: Lexi Sewell

Science Olympiad Recognition: Kaylee Owens

4-H Recognition: Mackenzie Greene and Maylan Maxwell

Diophantus of Alexandria Award: Holden Weatherford

Pythagoras Award: Canon Outten

Hipparchus Award: Mac Beard

Isaac Newton Award: Amanda Griffith

Gottfried Wilhelm Lebiniz Award: Andrew Oliphant

Grace Hopper Award: Mackenzie Owens

Herodotus Award: Selma McMurry

Woodmen of the World: Sammie Ross

Calliope Award: Leigha Buroughs

Homer Award: Katrina Shauf

Plutarch Award: Maylan Maxwell

Vergil Award: Andrew Oliphant

Alfred the Great Award: Katrina Shauf

National Latin Exam Recognitions: Maylan Maxwell

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Award: Lexi Sewell

Joan of Arc Award: Sammie Ross

Socrates Award: Andrew Oliphant

Hildegard Von Bingen Award: Mackenzie Owens

Clara Barton Award: Aydan Tuell

Odyssey Award: Holden Weatherford

Alexander the Great Award: Ryan Byrd

Pericles Award: Owen Pierce

Cicero Award: Lucy Logan

10th Grade Awards

700 Club Induction: Alex Almas, Audrey Anderson, Lucy Blair, Ava Bridges, Emerson Brooks, Sydney Evans, Amber Freeman, Raquel Hislop, Chloe Jones, Lydia King, Addison Lane, Kira Lloyd, Madison McComas, Matthew McFarland, Lillian Moore, Harrison Newton, John Plaster, Lydia Raynor, Ben Skelton, Victoria Vess, Olivia Webb

Community Service Award: Turner Cook

Leonardo Da Vinci Award: Grace Snyder

Mary Cassat Award: Erin Gammon

Mozart Award: Layla Bradley

Euterpe Award: Matt McFarland

Alfred Stieglitz Award: Elizabeth Qualls

Polyhymnia Award: Amber Freeman

Theophrastus Award: Madison McComas

Aristarchus Award: Naomi Vargas

Science Olympiad Recognition: Lauren Ruppe, Anjali Patel, Madison McComas, and Ava Bridges

4-H Recognition: Lexie Greene, Caroline Hall, and Audrey Anderson

Euclid Award: Erik Crowe

Diophantus of Alexandria Award: Audrey Friedman

Hipparchus Award: Matthew McFarland

Grace Hopper Award: Presley Keller

Herodotus Award: Sophia Sidhu and Hunter Plaste

Calliope Award: Sophia Sidhu

Homer Award: Madison McComas

Beowulf Award: Ava Bridges

Plutarch Award: Addison Lane

Vergil Award: Crissa Griffin

Junior Classical League Recognitions: Lillian Moore participated in the Junior Classical League State Convention. She received three awards: 5th place in History, 4th Place in Mythology, and 2nd Place in Pentathlon. Crissa Giffin placed third in the graphic arts category for her painting of Phaeton.

National Latin Exam Recognitions: Gold Summa Cum Laude: Ava Bridges, Sydney Evans; Silver Maxima Cum Laude: Madison McComas; Cum Laude: Anjali Patel, Sophia Sidhu, Lillian Moore, Crissa Griffin

Hildegard Von Bingen Award: Kira Lloyd

Odyssey Award: Reynolds Chadwick

Alexander the Great Award: Claire Bennett

Pericles Award: Sydney Evans

Cicero Award: Crissa Griffin

9th-Grade Awards

Hercules Award: Jebediah Rollins

Raphael Award: DannieJoe Migues

Mozart Award: Anna Lesassier

Euterpe Award: Jonathan Fraccola

Polyhymnia Award: Bella Hill

Diophantus of Alexandria Award: Brantley Winn, Chesney Tenpenny

Euclid Award: Julia Hodge

Theophrastus Award: Grace Christman, Siya Patel

Science Olympiad Recognition: Daedin Boeckx, Siya Batel, Cayson Sloan, and Elayna Stephens. 

Herodotus Award: Sophia Smart

Calliope Award: Isaac Willis

Homer Award: Siya Patel

Beowulf Award: Neil Rostick

Plutarch Award: Hattie Hamrick

Vergil Award: Ansley McNeeley

Aelius Donatus Award: Ash Daigle

Alfred the Great Award: Raney Thompson

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Award: Ansley McNeilly

Hildegard Von Bingen Award: Powell Okpych

Odyssey Award: Lizzie Kimble

Alexander the Great Award: Kennedy Cole

Pericles Award: Julissa Bell

Cicero Award: Nathan Flores