TJCA earns top-15 ranking from U.S. News & World Report


AVONDALE — In its most recent rankings, the U.S. News & World Report ranked Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy (TJCA) 14th among all high schools in North Carolina. TJCA was also ranked as the fifth best charter school in all of North Carolina as well, posting an overall score of 96.82 out of 100. Out of nearly 18,000 high schools across the United States, TJCA ranks 568th and 119th out of all charter schools. TJCA scored in the top-17 in the College Readiness Index Rank (15th) and the College Curriculum Breadth Index Rank (17th). 

The methodology used by the U.S. News & World Report takes into account six different categories. College Readiness accounts for 30%, State Assessment Proficiency accounts for 20%, and State Assessment Performance also accounts for 20%. The other three categories, which account for the remaining 30% are Underserved Student Performance, College Curriculum Breadth, and Graduation Rate. 

TJCA Upper Campus Principal Dianna Bridges called the ranking an honor. 

“It is always an honor to be ranked among the best high schools in North Carolina and the nation,” she said. “This continues to document the impact of our classical educational approach and the strength in our partnership between the school and the families we serve.”