TJCA’s Kim Lloyd chosen as finalist for prestigious honor


AVONDALE — Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy’s (TJCA) Kimberly Lloyd has been chosen as a finalist for the 2022 North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities (NCASA) Scholastic Director of the Year Award. 

Lloyd has many roles at TJCA. She is the Director of Student Advising and Enrichment, a World Languages instructor, and the coach of our champion High School Academic Team. 

For Lloyd, this recognition is special. 

I am grateful to work with a principal and academic director who took time out of their very busy schedules to nominate me for the award,” she said. “Their support, along with the support of our school board, makes our scholastic enrichment program possible. In addition to being a catalyst for academic and intellectual growth, scholastic competitions are a great way to build community. It is an absolute joy for me to work with such an amazing group of bright and eager students as we learn, grow, and play together.”

Upper Campus Principal Dianna Bridges says Lloyd’s impact is felt by many. 

“The sincere joy Mrs. Lloyd finds in working with our students is what makes her so impactful,” she said. “She has given many years to our students and our school. It is evident the respect our teachers, staff, parents, and students have for her. We are so proud to see her great work recognized through this honor.”

As far as working with students goes, Lloyd says the gratification is limitless. 

“What could be more gratifying for a teacher than spending time with students who are so eager to learn,” said Lloyd. “The students who participate in our academic competitions are interested in such a wide array of disciplines, from literature and art to classics and calculus. I enjoy all of my work with them, but perhaps the most exciting moments are those when you see them realize their potential and transform from novices to team leaders.” 

Lloyd will be recognized at the Metrographics Printing North Carolina Showcase in May on the campus of UNC-Greensboro.