2021-22 TJCA Upper Campus - Teacher of the Year

Misty Yelton has been named TJCA’s upper campus Teacher of the Year. 


Ms. Yelton was selected by a vote by her colleagues. This is her first year teaching full-time at the high school, and she has a chemistry class, an earth science class, a STEM lab, and an AP Environmental course, in addition to her usual pre-veterinary science class.


According to her coworkers, she goes above and beyond, constantly. One of her fellow science teachers, Vicki Hughes, stated, “Ms. Yelton sponsors several extracurricular activities including 4-H and the Equestrian Team.  She always steps up to volunteer for extra duty when the school needs her.” Megan Witte, another science teacher, agreed, “Misty embodies the Teacher of the Year for her willingness to take on so many different tasks and her depth of knowledge in each of the subjects that she teaches. I have learned quite a bit already this year by just using her as a soundboard for new ideas, and I think we will be a more cohesive department because of her.”


According to Principal Dianna Bridges, “What sets Ms. Yelton aside is her ability to build strong relationships with her students, her leadership skills that she willingly shares with our school, and her love and support of our school. I look forward to seeing the great things she will do in her new role as a high school science teacher.”


Ms. Yelton’s diligence and dedication to the students of TJ make her a worthy choice for this honor. In her own words, "I am honored to be chosen by my peers as the TJCA Teacher of the Year. One of the many attributes that sets TJ apart from other schools is its diverse and dedicated faculty. Teaching, especially in the COVID era, is truly a calling. I am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to work with both outstanding students and amazing colleagues." Congratulations to Ms. Yelton.