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Upper Campus 1:1 Program

High School
All high school students are assigned a Chromebook to be used in class and taken home to complete assigned work.  In order to be given their assigned Chromebook, each student needs to bring in a signed copy of the “Student Equipment Loan Agreement” listed above.

Middle School
We have enough Chromebooks for each middle school student to use throughout the year.  The Chromebooks will be kept in the classrooms and handed out by the teachers as needed.

  • Q: I already have a laptop that I am very comfortable using. Can I use it instead of being assigned a Chromebook?
  • A: High school students are allowed to bring a personal laptop to use as long as:
    • It meets the following minimum requirements:
      • Hardware Requirements
        • Form factor: Laptops only.  Tablets and smartphones are not sufficient.
        • RAM: 8GB (Windows and Mac OS) and 4GB (Chrome OS)
        • Hard Drive: No minimum spec as most of your work will utilize cloud-based resources.
        • Network: Wireless
      • Operating System
        • Windows 10
        • Mac OS 10.15.x
        • Chrome OS (maintained at the latest version)
      • Additional Software
    • The student understands that it is their responsibility to make sure the laptop is maintained in working order and available to be used every school day.