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Mr. Wright is a former United States Air Force Officer with 20 years of military service, in which he spent most of his career in special operations and education. He has an extensive background in teaching and instruction, curriculum development, mentoring and served twice as a Head of School. During his Head of School positions, Mr. Wright was responsible for managing over $30M in assets and operating a $3.65M budget. More importantly, he led 81 staff members to teach over 600 students in subjects such as radio wave theory, advanced mathematics, government policy, leadership and management, and advanced physical activities. Most recently, Mr. Wright served as an Assistant Headmaster, Athletic Director, Dean of Students, and Teacher for a start-up classical academy in Denver, Colorado.

Mr. Wright earned his Bachelor's in Public Administration from Samford University and his Master's in Education specializing in Teaching and Instruction from Trident University. Mr. Wright is an expert in organizational leadership, effective communications, and team-building by establishing trust and instilling discipline. He brings a wealth of athletic experience as a former Division I-AA football player and was a high school football, wrestling, and lacrosse coach in Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.